Selection Criteria

With more than +15K holiday rentals in Mallorca, we thought that you might need some help. For that reason, we have visited and tested different holiday homes for offering you a unique stay.


If it is in Mallorca Collection you will find…

  1. Charming Locations
    Next to the beach, with views of the mountains or the sea or set in delightful towns with every amenity
  2. Beautiful Designs
    Each villa has a personal and inspiring design
  3. The Unique Touch
    Every holiday home has a unique feature or space that makes it special
  4. Lovely Cosy Living Rooms
    Where to enjoy your time with your family and feel at home
  5. Good Night Sleep
    Quiet neighbourhoods and comfortable mattresses to sleep like a baby
  6. Fully Equipped and Spacious Kitchens
    Quality utensils and electrical appliances for your tasty meals
  7. Great Outdoor Activities
    Swimming pool, barbecue, jacuzzi and relaxing sofas
  8. Excellent Connectivity
    Wi-Fi in the whole house to ensure that no one will be disconnected. 
  9. Enjoyable Experiences
    Highly recommended resorts, beaches and restaurants near the house
  10. Safety
    Rest peacefully in our safe and quiet properties.


Only one in every ten holiday homes is finally selected.