Mallorca’s Best Wine Sips

A good wine for us must be what ambrosia was to the Olympian Gods, any other beverage is not as exquisite and enjoyable as the wines of the island. Indeed, Mallorca has seventy wineries and most of them offer wine tasting and guided tours. Of course, you can also find the most famous wines in any wine-cellar or restaurant, but if you really want to taste the most representative flavours of Mallorca, we recommend you to delight in these wineries.

Let’s start with the Ramanya winery set in Santa Maria. You will enjoy of a glass of wine in the terrace while contemplating the charming views of the town. The owner of the winery is pioneer in the production of sparkling wine on the island, in fact he was the first producing a rosé sparkling wine. Various wines are served but I would say that the most outstanding one is the 88 de Ramanya, which has an unmistakable bouquet of red berries and soft tannins.

The Macià Batle winery is located in Binissalem, and their red wines are the most consumed of the island. Their taste are fresh, soft but at the same time oaky and intense with a strawberry bouquet that will leave you a fruity sensation. Visiting the winery is an enthralling experience since while drinking a glass of wine and having an appetiser, you will admire beautiful paintings as well as listening to the harmonious music of a piano.

Another important winery is the Tianna Negre. The main purpose of this winery was to produce a light bodied and distinctive wine and after many failed attempts, they finally created a unique flavour. The most recognised is Ses Nines, noteworthy for its claret and the predominance of its balsamic and berry bouquet that will leave you a Mediterranean after-taste in your mouth.

The Galmes and Ribot winery is special due to the fact that they use ecologic farming techniques. They are famous for their white wines (although they also produce red wines), in particular the Som Blanc, golden coloured with fruity taste, flowers, fines herbs and almonds. Talking about white wines, we have to highlight the Banyalbufar winery since is one of the few that still keep the old tradition of growing malvasia (a Mediterranean wine grape variety) in the Tramontana range. The most acclaimed is the Cornet 2011, a dry full bodied wine with apricot essence, undoubtedly a delicate and pleasant flavour that your taste bud will not easily forget.

To sum up, if you are planning to spend your holidays in Mallorca you should consider visiting wineries. It is a worth experience because not only will you know the story behind the wines you are drinking, also the environment surrounding you together with the perfect appetisers to accompany your drink will definitely go beyond your expectations. In that sense, if we extend the initial simile of the Olympian Gods, we could state that Mallorca is an Elysium for producing wines, and we should not lose the chance of savouring them.

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