Travel to Mallorca with your Pet

It is everyday more and more frequent that people choose to travel with their beloved fur friends. Most airlines have adapted their regulations in order to permit pets in their flights, although it is very important to be well informed in advance if you plan to travel with an animal.

Here you are some recommendations for those planning to rent a villa in Mallorca and bring their pets.


It is mandatory that animals have a passport where all the shots, treatments and basic information is shown. Before traveling you must visit your vet and make sure your animal is healthy. Your vet must put a stamp on the animals passport assuring it is healthy to travel. Some shots are compulsory for animals to fly.


The carrier you bring must meet the requirements of each airline, but there are some general rules settled by IATA that everyone has to follow. Specially if your pet is not flying with in cabin, it is very important that you choose very well the carrier, as it should allow the animal feel comfortable, breath properly and drink water if it needs so. If your pet is not used to stay in a carrier for a long while, experts recommend to try at home before flying.


  • Ryanair. They DON’T accept pets either in cabin or aircraft hold.
  • Easyjet. They DON’T accept pets either in cabin or aircraft hold.
  • Norwegian. They allow you to bring your pet with additional cost. Small cats and dogs can travel in the cabin with a cost between 48 – 70 EUR (if you book online) or between 60 – 84 EUR (if you book it at the airport) for each pet and each way. Big cats and dogs can travel in the aircraft hold with a cost between 60 – 80 EUR (if you book online) and between 70 – 90 EUR (if you book it at the airport) for each pet and each way. You must bring your pet in a a carrier with the maximum dimensions of 125 x 81 x 86cm in the aircraft hold, and 43 x 31 x 20 cm in cabin.
  • Vueling/ Iberia. They permit you to travel with your pet with a cost of 40 EUR if you travel in Spain and 50 EUR if your flight is international, this cost is per pet per way. The carrier must fit the following requirements: 45x39x21 cm and 8 kg as maximum with the pet in.
  • Air Europa. They allow pets in cabin with a cost of 25 EUR if you travel in Spain, 50 EUR if you travel in Europe and 150 EUR for long distances. For the aircraft hold prices are 90 EUR in Spain, 100 EUR in Europe and 240 EUR for long distances. Pets in cabin cannot weight more than 8 kg including carrier.
  • Air France. You must pay at your arrival at the airport an extra fee for your pet of 55 EUR in Europe if you pet is in cabin, or 100 EUR for the aircraft hold.
  • Alitalia. Animals have an extra fee of 75 EUR, either if your pet travels in cabin or aircraft hold.
  • Swiss. Pets weighting less than 8 kg in their carrier can travel in cabin as long as the carrier measures as maximum 55 x 23 x 40 cm. The cost of this service amounts 60 EUR. If your pet is heavier than 8 kg, you must bring it in the aircraft hold, and depending on how bit the animal is additional cost is between 100- 200 EUR.
  • British Airways. This airline is quite restrictive with animals transportation. They permit animals in their flight and follow the IATA rules, but costumers must submit a request in order to know how to travel and which is the fee applied.
  • SAS. You must inform the airline at least 24 h in advance if you plan to travel with your pet and you will receive a confirmation before flying. The cost for cabin transportation is 70 EUR and 90 EUR for the aircraft hold.
  • Lufthansa. Animals below 8 kg can travel in cabin with a fee of 50 EUR for flights in Europe. Pets beyond 8 kg and 14 kg at most, will be allowed to travel in the aircraft hold with a fee of 100 EUR.

In Mallorca Collection we care for our fur guests just as much as for our guests and we want you both to feel comfortable during your stay, so our Pet Friendly Collection is all you need.

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